We Take Care of Your Property

At Old Field Landscaping we offer property management solutions for both commercial and residential customers. For our commercial customers we offer contracts for businesses of all sizes. For residential customers our maintenance team is equipped to handle properties and estates of any size with a personally tailored maintenance plan to fit your needs.

Lawn Care

Lawns will be maintained on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, weather permitting. Clippings will be picked up and removed if desired by the customer. Edges will be trimmed and property will be blown and left looking clean.

Garden Maintenance

Gardens will be maintained on an as needed basis. Weeds will be removed and plant material kept trimmed and neat. Gardens will be edged, and mulch will be spread in the spring or as needed.

Fall Cleanups

Fall Cleanups remove all leaves, twigs and debris left after the Fall season, and leave you with a clean yard once the snow is melted.

Spring Cleanups

Spring Cleanups remove all leaves, twigs and debris left after Winter. Garden beds are cleaned and prepared for mulch or planting of annuals, garden areas are also edged. Lawn areas are cleaned of debris and left ready for germination and if needed overseading. Overall, Spring cleanups aim to leave yards clean and plant material reeady for the Summer.